Your passion, your future!
Step Ahead brings you a prestigious, new degree!

Have you always loved physical education and wished you can do it for the rest of your life?
Well, now you can!

Students will undergo training and theoretical classes and will sit through the official exam to get a certification approved by the Ministry of Education.

Certificates in sports rehab, personal training, strength & conditioning, sports management and basketball & football coaches are also available over the period of 6 months!

A PE degree prepares students for a professional career in training. Apply now!


An education in physical fitness prepares students for a professional career in training. Unlike a lot of people perceive; a PE degree is completely crucial when wanting to deal with students looking to become athletes, athletes looking to be better and compete, and amateurs who want to incorporate physical fitness in their lifestyle.
For that reason, Steap Ahead now offers a degree in Physical Education.
For students who wish to study PE in a shorter time frame, Step Ahead also offers 3-month certificate classes, specializing in the following:
• Sports Rehab
• Personal Training
• Strength & Conditioning
• Sports Nutrition
Completion of these 4 courses are essential requirements to become a FITNESS EXPERT!

• Sports Management

• Basketball Coach
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
• Football Coach
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
• Swimming Coach
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
• Martial Arts Coach

The details for the certifcates offered are the following:

Sports Rehabilitation Download Brochure

3 Months Diploma

Learn the skills and knowledge necessary to offer Post Rehabilitation Exercise services to clients and receive the recognition for being on the forefront of health care to your clients and those you serve.

This course will teach you how to develop safe and effective post rehabilitative fitness programs for clients with various limitations that are recovering from a variety of injuries, disease and/or treatments.

Course Material:
• Muscle injuries. Tendinitis. Fractures. Concussions. Stress fractures.

● Ankle Injuries: Ankle Sprain. Osteochondritis disequanse. Achilis tendinitis/tear. Tibialis posterior tendinitis/tear. Soft/hard tissue impingement / trigonome bone. Severe/hungland disease. Plantar fasciitis. Periostitis/shin splints. Morton syndrom. Tarsal canal syndrom.

● knee : Disclocation. Sprain. Quadriceps tendon tear . Jumpers knee. Runners knee. Hamstring syndrom. Osgood shlater. Larsen Johansen. Osteochondritis. Genu varum/valgum /flat foot. Patella dislocation.

● Hip /Spine: Hip Impingement. Labral tear. Snapping hip. Spondylolisthesis. Spondylolysis. Bursitis gluteus medius. Disc (bulge,herniation, thinning, degeneration), whiplash syndrom, plexus brachialis compression

• Post rehab program

Course Objective:
Guide to Recover any type of injury an athlete might encounter.

Course Credits:
24 hrs Theoretical studies
96 hrs Practical application (training)

Personal Trainer Download Brochure

3 Months Diploma

Course Materials:
- Anatomy and Physiology (Postural and core stability, musculoskeletal system, heart and circulatory system)
- Maintaining health safety and welfare in fitness environments.
- Programming safe and effective exercises for a range of clients.
- Effective communication and motivation when working with clients.
- Principles of nutrition and the importance of healthy eating.
- Creating and designing personal training programs
- Delivering exercise and physical activity programs.

Course Objective:
Work with clients on a one-to- one basis.

Course Credits:
- 24 Hrs Theoretical studies
- 96 Hrs Practical Application (training)

Strength and Conditioning Download Brochure

3 Months Diploma

Course Materials:

- Planning, Periodisation, Long Term Athlete Development, Group Management.
- Business Development and Contract Negotiations.
- Speed, Agility and Quickness_ Elite Training Theory and Current Practices.
- Strength- Elite Training Theory and Current Practices.
- Energy System Conditioning_ Elite Conditioning Training Theory and Current Practices.
- Principles of Athlete Assessment, Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention and Management- a Practical Approach for Strength and Conditioning Coaches.
- Flexibility, Mobility, Warm _up and Cool Down_ Elite Training Theories and Current Practices.
- Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids
- Anatomy
- Biomechanics
-Sports Physiology
- Sports Biomechanics

Course Credits:
- 24 Hrs Theoretical studies.
- 96 Hrs Practical application.(Training)

Sports management

3 Months Diploma

Course Materials:
- Social-Historical Foundations of American Sport
- Leadership and Personnel Management in the Sports Industry
- Sports Accounting and Finance.
- Sports Law and Ethics.
- Sports Media Marketing.
- Fundamentals of Sports Analytics.
- International Sports Management.
- Sport Facility and Event Management.
- Sports Law and Ethics.
- Decisions Models and Management.

Course Credits:
- 24 Hrs Theoretical studies
- 96 Hrs Practical studies (training)

Sports Nutrition Download Brochure

3 Months Diploma

Course Materials:
1. Introduction to Nutrition and Physical Activity
2. Macronutrients: Carbs
3. Macronutrients: Protein
4. Macronutrients: Lipids
5. Water Soluble Vitamins
6. Fat Soluble Vitamins
7. Major Minerals
8. Trace Minerals
9. Obesity and Exercise
10. Cardiovascular diseases and Exercise
11. Hypertension and Exercise
12. Diabetes and Exercise
13. Childhood and Adolescents
14. Pregnancy/ Lactation and Elderly
15. NCP process
16. Equations and Equipment for Nutritional Assessment
17. Bioenergetics of Physical Activity
18. Weight management
19. Macronutrient requirements for athletes I
20. Macronutrient requirements for athletes II
21. Fluid requirements for athletes
22. Vitamins and Minerals requirements for athletes
23. Ergogenic aids and Herbs
24. Performance enhancement Substances and Drugs

Course Credits:
- 24 Hrs Theoretical studies
- 96 Hrs Practical studies (training)